I produce less artworks nowadays. I spent more time reading, learning, thinking about this physical reality and beyond. And the more i know, the smaller i feel. It made me feel useless that I’m yet to play an important part in our species' progression (I'm jealous of scientist, inventors and innovators). The more I know, the more I realised that everything are just illusions. Everything. Your struggle for success, your name, your age, your work, your politics, your money, your life, your physical reality. It was all just an illusion. A scam. A simulated reality. Codes. Brain signals. The only thing that's real are just your consciousness (thinking/feelings) and your personal ability/powers (talent/passion).

I know the purpose of life, the purpose of why we are here on earth for approx 70-80 years, but I am not yet part of it. And it's frustrating. Because my time is not infinite, and to stay relevant is very hard. I am trying to utilized what ever ability and channel that I have to deliver this message. But haven’t found the formula.

And it's hard to do this through arts. It's easy to be political, to comment about the things around you, to comment about events. But it's not easy to artistically portray the theory about our physical reality through arts, for a greater purpose, beyond my lifetime.

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