For ‘Bad Taste’ exhibition

The science and spirituality of aesthetic analysis. A practice of assessing visual character or personality from their aesthetic appearance.


Taste is a social construct.

It’s rooted in time and place.

For the masses,

Taste is trend.

Taste is collective behaviour.

In this sense,

Good taste is an act of conforming.

Good taste is what aligned with the particular crowd’s trend of time.

Taste is a system of belief.


Except for designers & artists.

For them,

Taste is personal.

Taste is principle.

Taste is science.

Taste is spiritual.

Taste is the sixth sense.

Designers & artists tend to have invisible filters.

Set to their personal principle & spiritual calling.

These filters were built over years of observation.

Fine tuned over years of experimentation.

Coated with thoughtful thinking & life perspective.

Inherited & influenced by human history.

The ‘Scientific Filters’ gives them the ability to recognise quality taste.

And the ‘Spiritual Filters’ makes one a unique creative.

A creative with a voice of it’s own.

A powerful & influential creative.


Are you a cult follower?

Or a cult leader?