Visualist : Art:tech (Malaysia)

Poet : Artboy (Belgium)

"The universe rains within our brain & verses reign over our yelling hearts. Words through consonants are magic. Deconstruct language. Combine shapes & forms; and set ablaze the enlightened page. To fulfil your eyes with light is to awake. Thorough dreams, minds speak to express symbolistic selfless shapes. Through letters, mathematics, or alchemy : Words connect and bind to each vowel. Disappear the images of thoughts. The rotary stars connect neurology with the innermost cosmic lights that bind us gigantically with the smallest seeds of shapes and forms."

- Artboy, 2020

Left - Right

Birth - Death

Past - Future

Primitive - Advance

Positive - Negative

Death, Fertility, Rebirth

The birth of the future

Timeloop of existence.

Paradoxes of reality.

The religion.

The science.

The Myth.

The Saviour.

Digital drawing timelapse video.

Visualist : Art:tech

Poet : Artboy

Video edit & Sound mix


Music from maestros :

Alejandro Jadarowsky


Details slideshow

March, 2020.

The future.

Khamilabsu AB sent me a message.

We’ve been talking once in a while, over the years.

He talks in a very ambiguous way.

But this time he have a proposal,

He wanted to commission me for an artwork.

He had some money he can spend.

I agreed.

The sum of money could only last me a month.

Maybe less.

This is way below my usuals.

I dont care.

Rule numero uno,


The brief,


So i went on, tinkering with ideas.

Imagining subjects and objects.

Figuring composition and story.

Studying symbolism and metaphors.

Coding messages and scriptures

It took me a month before i actually start to put pencil on paper.

Out came a sketch. A very rough one.

Then I start to put in the work.

With an Intuos stylus in my hand,

I started to craft the image of an ancient god,

Using computer and technology.

Here’s the whole process,

More than 20 hours of footages,

Spread across a month worth of work,

Cramped into a 12mins video.


A poet,

A parolist,

A spoken words artist,

Naturally lend his gift for the video.

His voice set the tone for my visual.

It has been a challenge.

To have enough words for 12 mins.

We worked back & forth,

Trying French and English,

Silence and music.

Enjoy the presentation,

Observe the visual,

Look at the numbers,

Read the sentences,

Listen to the words.

Imagine the beginning of time.

Imagine the age of Egyptians

Imagine the age of prophets

Imagine the age of singularity

Imagine the age of aliens

Imagine the end of time

Imagine 1928

Imagine 1984

Imagine 3028

It is all meant to be ambiguous.

It is a surrealistic experience.

It is art that provides.

Spread this nonsense.

For the nonsense will make us think.

I just fed you,