(‘Thoughts To Actions' BCI Machine)

Pen on paper + Digital


A prototype of an advance brain-computer interface machine that turns thoughts into actions simultaneously.

Contribution for KULT magazine #15 : Machine.



It's a machine that turn thoughts into actions; something that human have been dying to have. Since the era of the internet, human have always demand fast result, because time is getting shorter as human is getting busier advancing themselves with research and knowledge. This machine was built to boost the process of advancement, where humans would only have to think of what they wish to do and let this machine do the hard work. They can even work simultaneously on few different projects at the same time, without risking on humans error or wasting time and resources building dedicated teams to work on each project. This machine will be an important part of human development in almost every sector, especially in breeding more individual home-based innovators and researchers.


This is a metaphor of how most of the creative agencies works, or perhaps how almost all technological company works (and maybe how designer brand works as well). One mind with all the ideas, and employees working hard to turn the ideas into reality. This is how i see the system, where the creative/art directors being seen as the 'holy man' sitting and spitting out ideas. While the designers acting as the 'robotic arms' working on realizing those ideas; most of the time, no more than a 'robotic arms'. But not always.


This artwork represents me. In the artwork, from left to right, the machine is playing drum, drawing on a sketchbook, doing design on a laptop and painting on a canvas. This represents what i'm currently doing; both for passion and for a living. I play drums, i draw, i do designs/motion graphics and sometimes i wish i would have time to experiment with paintings. My head sometimes bursting with ideas and this is THE machine that i wish hard to have.